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The Dutch Ocean Technology Centre (DOTC) was launched in 2019 by the TU Delft and TNO.

Driven by the energy transition in the maritime and offshore sector, this center bundles manpower, knowledge and infrastructure for a more efficient approach to mission-driven research in the maritime sector. Within this initiative, TU Delft and TNO strive for faster realization of the most relevant projects in the maritime & offshore sector.

Our ZERO EMISSION Program and its related projects are all focussed on the energy transition towards a sustainable future.

A few things we’re great at

The DOTC combines a family of top-talents and offers a unique set of experimental equipment.

Mission & Vision

positioning for Green maritime performance & smart structures

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joint research initiatives


facilitates execution of research projects

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educates & develop talent
strive for unique necessary facilities 


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The Secret of Success

On the 31st of October 2017, the Rector of TU Delft, Tim van der Hagen, and the CEO of TNO, Paul de Krom signed a letter of intent for the Dutch Ocean Technology Centre (DOTC).

The DOTC is a new and exciting initiative which will accelerate the development of knowledge by speeding up project execution and creating innovation. Driven by the challenges of the maritime and offshore energy transition, we focus on inspiring programmes in the fields of materials, structures and sustainability. The DOTC brings together leading researchers and provide access to unique test facilities. 

(inter-) National research agenda

Inspired by national and international research agendas, for a sustainable maritme future a driving philosophy of the DOTC is the facilitation of joint research programmes, allowing partners to combine their knowledge and experience in order to obtain excellent, long- term and profitable results

Solving societal challenges

At the core of the DOTC is the drive to develop knowledge and technology that may be readily applied in solving immediate societal challenges; for example, climate change, sea level rise, ever growing demand for food, and increased environmental pressures. 

Covering the entire development cycle

By covering the entire development cycle, from fundamental science, through to applied research and industrial implementation, the DOTC creates a strong synergy between partners from universities, research institutes, and industry. Thus, fostering the development of a prosperous future for our sector and benefiting society as a whole.

Pilot Programs

As a start, two pilot programs have been initiated: green performance (e.g. zero emission shipping) and smart structures. The DOTC, based in The Netherlands but serving the entire world, acts as an innovation catalyst in tackling these pressing issues.

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